• Clean Formula
  • Natural ingredient focused
  • Long wear liquid Liner


  • Rice Bran Wax: Natural wax extracted from rice bran oil.Very high melting point and structuring capabilities, increases stick structure and stability. Structurant. Usage level 1-20%.
  • Kester Wax K-60P: Naturally derived plasticizer. Increases melt point, stability, compatibility in anhydrous systems, thickens emulsions and provides texture. Usage level 0.5-20%.


Main Topic

  • Color Cosmetics

Sub Topics

  • Anhydrous
  • Clean Beauty
  • Unisex
  • Vegan


  • Combine Phase B ingredients and mill until homogeneous.
  • Combine Phase A ingredients in a vessel.
  • Heat and mix until uniform to 80-85oC (making sure to stay under 90oC).
  • Add Phase B to Phase A and mix.
  • Once homogeneous add Phase C.
  • Mix until ~50o
  • Pump into containers.


  • Three months at room temperature
  • Three months at 45°C
  • Three freeze/thaw cycles


  1. Koster Keunen, Inc.
  2. Brenntag Specialities
  3. BASF
  4. Sensient
  5. Jeen International
  6. Presperse

Ingredient Trade Name



Phase A
Rice Bran Wax1 Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax 13.0
Kester Wax K-60P1 Polyhydroxystearic Acid 11.0
Mica Sericite BC 2852 Mica 8.5
Soft Calcium Powder ST1470102 Calcium Carbonate (and) Mica (and) Lauroyl Lysine 6.5
Vitamin E Acetate3 Tocopheryl Acetate 1.0
Antaron Soja Glyceride2 Antaron Soja Glyceride2 Maleated Soybean Oil Glyceryl/Octyldodecanol polymer 2.0
Phase B
Unipure Triple Black LC9904 Iron Oxides CI77499 18.54
Jeechem CTG5 Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride 11.46
Phase C
Permethyl 99A6 Isododecane 28.0