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Bee's Milk is a natural dispersion of Beeswax in water. Bee's Milk makes it possible to 'Cold Formulate'. A formulator is able to get the benefits of Beeswax in a formulation without having to heat that phase of the formula. The lipid composition in Bee's Milk closely, mimics the natural lipid composition of the skin, thus copying the skin's own natural secretions, making Bee's Milk natures emollient.

Bee's Milk is stabilized, and is compatible with surfactants and other compounds of high ionic strength.

Koster Keunen can also provide a paraben free Bee's Milk,if desired.


Melting Point (S)
Melting Point (M)
Congealing Point (S)
Congealing Point (M)
Acid Value (S)
Acid Value (M)
Ester Value (S)
Ester Value (M)
Saponification Value (S)
Saponification Value (M)
Iodine Value (S)
Iodine Value (M)
Viscosity (S)
Viscosity (M)
Penetration (S)
Penetration (M)
Ester Content, GC (S)
Ester Content, GC (M)
Color (S)
Color (M)
INCI Name Beeswax, Sesame Oil, Lecithin, Methyl Paraben, and Water
EU INCI Name  7732-18-5
CAS# 8012-89-3, 8008-74-0, 8002-43-5, 99-76-3 and water
EINECS#  Components Listed
Canada  Components Listed
Japan  Unknown
China  Components Listed
Australia  Components Listed
Reach  Yes
Kosher  Yes
TSCA  Components Listed
% Solids  17 – 27
pH (S)
pH (M)  4.5-6.0
Specific Gravity  0.970 – 1.030
Particle Size
Appearance  Opaque Liquid
Color  Cream to Pale Yellow
Bacteria & Fungi  100 CFU/g Max
Pathogens  Free
Gel Strength (S)
Gel Strength (M)
Gas Chromatogram (S)
Gas Chromatogram (M)
Infrared Absorption (S)
Infrared Absorption (M)
Alkalinity (S)
Alkalinity (M)
Readily Carbonizable Substances (S)
Readily Carbonizable Substances (M)
Limit of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (S)
Limit of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (M)
Limit of Sulfur Compounds (S)
Limit of Sulfur Compounds (M)
Peroxide Value (S)
Peroxide Value (M)
Particle Size (S)
Particle Size (M)
Heavy Metals (S)
Heavy Metals (M)
Melting Point Range (S)
Melting Point Range (M)
Saponification Value (S)
Saponification Value (M)
Hydroxyl Value (S)
Hydroxyl Value (M)
Iodine Value (S)
Iodine Value (M)
Dispersion pH (S)
Dispersion pH (M)
Peroxide Value (S)
Peroxide Value (M)
Heavy Metals (S)
Heavy Metals (M)
Saponification Cloud Point (S)
Saponification Cloud Point (M)
Tests for Fatty Acids, Japan Wax, Rosin, and Soap (S)
Tests for Fatty Acids, Japan Wax, Rosin, and Soap (M)
Residue on Ignition (S)
Residue on Ignition (M)
Drop Melt Point (S)
Drop Melt Point (M)
Water Content (S)
Water Content (M)
Consistency (S)
Consistency (M)
Residue on Ignition (S)
Residue on Ignition (M)
Organic Acids (S)
Organic Acids (M)
Fixed Oils, Fats and Rosin (S)
Fixed Oils, Fats and Rosin (M)
Pesticides (S)
Pesticides (M)
Chloramphenicol (S)
Chloramphenicol (M)
Nitrofurans Metabolites (S)
Nitrofurans Metabolites (M)

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