Waxes for Paste Car Detailing Products

Natural/Synthetic Paste Wax
The Natural/Synthetic Paste Wax formulation advantages derive from Kester Wax K-82D as a strong gelling agent. In addition it includes #1 Yellow Carnauba for its barrier, film former and gelling agent properties. It includes Synthetic Paraffin MM for slip aid and gelling agent prosperities along with Enhans PE-65 for its gelling agent, film former and plasticizer characteristics.

Synthetic Paste Wax III
The Synthetic Paste Wax Ill formulation provides properties derived from Kester Wax K-82D as a strong gelling agent. It includes Enhans SC-78 for gelling agent, barrier, film former and gloss enhancer characteristics. It contains Kester Wax K-EM also for the gelling agent features and Enhans PE-65 for its gelling agent, film former and plasticizer properties.

Waxes for Cream Car Detailing Products

Natural Cream Car Wax
Koster Keunen’s Natural Cream Car Wax is formulated with #1 Yellow Carnauba Wax and Orange Wax.

Paint Repair Polish
The Paint Repair Polish formulation comes from a blend containing #1 Yellow Carnauba wax for improved water resistance, barrier and emulsifier. The blend includes Enhans PE-65 also for improved water resistance and for its barrier and film former characteristics. It includes Kester Wax K-AE-80 for emulsifier and thickener features. It includes Kester Wax K-82D for crystallization inhibitor characteristics in addition to film former, improved water resistance and barrier features.

Waxes for Spray Car Detailing Products

Car Wash with Siliconyl Carnauba Milk – Wax #558
Siliconyl Carnauba Milk couples the properties of Carnauba Wax with silicones to produce a multifunctional performance additive designed for cold formulating.

Spray Clean & Shine
The Spray Clean & Shine formulation provides the advantageous prosperities derived from the Siliconyl Carnauba Milk characteristics of film former, barrier, glossing aid and nano particles.

Waxes for Gel Car Detailing Products

Vinyl & Plastic Detailing Car Gel
Koster Keunen formulated their Vinyl & Plastic Detailing Car Gel with Siliconyl Polyethylene, Siliconyl Beeswax, and Siliconyl Candelilla.