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Koster Keunen continues to study, understand, and evaluate multiple markets. Our web log is designed to update you on the newest science, studies and market knowledge in a multitude of markets.

We also publish a coordinating magazine for a seasonal overview of what we have been doing.

Recent News

Kostol NatureMuls: The Right Tool for the Job

September 21st, 2023|

Whether you are working on a light but velvety lotion or a cream that is rich and luxurious, Kostol NatureMuls is the emulsifier that will fit the project at hand.

Innovative Formulation: Wax Dispersions in Leather Care

July 20th, 2023|

The way that leather is cared for helps to determine how well it lasts, and how good it looks over the long term. Koster Keunen presents a formulation innovation that makes leather care more inviting to manufacturers.

The Soap Saga: Unraveling the Science Behind Soap Making

May 18th, 2023|

Like the wheel, soap’s history is long, but its relevance to daily life has kept the basic design tried and true. At Koster Keunen, we are dedicated to the kind of innovation that blends creativity into formulation to build knowledge and stretch the thinking about what is possible.

Empowered Sourcing Extends the Reach of Sustainability Goals

April 27th, 2023|

A Bee Story is a video that illuminates our work with beekeeping communities. Koster Keunen has consistently found that building strong partnerships with them leads to both high-quality wax output, and high value returns for the community and beyond.

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