As Spring comes in, we start to see the bees return to the first flowers. There couldn’t be a better time to think about our impact on the world we live in. Koster Keunen is pleased to present “A Bee Story,” a short video that provides insight into how supply chains affect the communities that sustainably produces our beeswax.

Supporting Beekeepers, Supporting Communities

A Bee Story illuminates our work with beekeeping communities. Koster Keunen is focused on building strong partnerships with them leads to both high-quality wax output, and high value returns for the community and beyond. The links in the supply chain grow and are strengthened as the community grows. The benefits of beekeeping for commercial and food crops are well documented, and it is inspiring to see the individuals that are making this happen.

koster keunenA Bee Story by Koster Keunen

Empowering Women Creates Positive Change

In areas of west Africa, women are becoming expert honey and wax producers. As the video shows, the benefits to these beekeepers and to their families is inspiring. Research compiled by shows clearly that increasing women’s economic empowerment leads to positive results for local economies, greater educational attainment for themselves and their families, and reduced rural poverty. In A Bee Story, we hear from women beekeepers who prove the truth of that research. Their work in sustainably harvesting beeswax is improving lives in real time.

A Bee Story is also available in a longer version, which demonstrates even aspects more of our company’s worldwide commitment to the environment and responsible sourcing practices.

A Bee Story Comes to Supplier’s Day

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