Welcome to our team section of our website, we’re glad you’re here. Let’s get to know more about our team:

Koster Keunen is a 165 year young blending and refining company under the direction of President, John Koster who is a 5th generation Koster.

We are fortunate to have many long term employees, Vice President of Research & Development Steven Puleo and Senior Vice President Robert “Bob” Behrer. Between them there is over 60 years of experience in the wax world.

In the Laboratory you will find John Mahon who has recently joined the Koster Keunen Team as Laboratory Manager with Belen Lemieux as the Lead Chemist / Formulator and Joelle La Montagne, formulation chemist, whom are always busy, daily creating prototypes that showcase our products, and work tirelessly on formulations for our customers.

Koster Keunen entrusts David Quinn as the VP of Quality and Regulatory along with Eva Lippai in QA/QC and Linda Singletary, in Regulatory.

Michael Samson is our East Coast Sales Director, Jessica Dynda Is our West Coast Sales director and Erik Shaffer, our friendly Sales Manager.

John’s Sister, Jackie Cassidy, also works at the business as Controller.

Reach out today, and we can make your product look great, feel right and work well!

Our team member John Koster Jr
John Koster Jr

Our team member Jackie Cassidy
Jacqueline Cassidy

Our team member Bob Behrer
Bob Behrer
Sr. Vice President

Our team member Steven Puleo
Steven Puleo
VP Research and Development

Our team member John Metaxas
John Metaxas
Vice President Sales

Our team member Jessica Dynda
Jessica Dynda
West Coast Sales &
Marketing Manager

Our team member Michael Samson
Michael Samson
East Coast Sales Manager

Our team member Erik Shaffer
Erik Shaffer
Account Manager

Our team member John Mahon
John Mahon
Director of Quality & Regulatory

Our team member Belen Lemieux
Belen Lemieux
Laboratory Manager

Our team member Eva Lippai
Eva Lippai
Manger of Quality & Regulatory

Our team member Joelle Lamontagne
Joelle Lamontagne
Formulation Chemist

Our team member Linda Singletary
Linda Singletary
Quality & Regulatory Specialist