In the world of candles, the quest for blends that boast higher melting points is not just about crafting a longer-lasting candle, but also about combating the challenges posed by melting during travel and storage. With the increasing popularity of artisanal and bespoke candles, the need for formulations that can withstand the rigors of transportation and elevated warehouse temperatures without losing their integrity has become paramount.

Traditional Knowledge Meets Scientific Innovation

Koster Keunen’s history began in the making of candles, so we are especially attuned to the environmental factors that affect waxes. Candles offer opportunity to observe, experiment, and innovate with wax blends to create candles that stand up to environmental challenges.

The importance of temperature stability for candles cannot be overstated, as it plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality, longevity, and safety of the candles. Candles are highly susceptible to temperature fluctuations. When exposed to high temperatures, candles can melt, deform, or discolor, compromising their aesthetic appeal and, consequently, their marketability.

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Formulations to Cast a Glow

Koster Keunen has formulated two new high melt candle blends that not only stand up to elevated temperatures for extended periods of time, but also offer an edge on environmental friendliness, burn quality, and scent throw.

NEW – High Melt Natural Candle Blend (RSPO) – A CocoSoy Candle Blend with Natural Wax Additives to boost melting point and enhance fragrance throw. This blend melts at temperatures above 145°F.  This blend allows a fragrance load up to 10%.

High Melt Natural Candle Blend

NEW – High Melt Synthetic Candle Blend (RSPO) – A Hybrid Blend that melts above 155°F. Accelerates manufacturing and cure time of candles. This blend also allows a fragrance load up to 10%.

These innovations not only cater to the practical needs of candle logistics but also open new possibilities for creativity in candle design. By adopting these advanced blends with higher melting points, candle makers can be certain that their products reach customers in optimal condition, no matter the journey they undertake.

Whether you are at the foundational stage of a candle making enterprise, or looking at innovating your already-successful line for the future, contact us to start a conversation.

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Koster Keunen has been working with wax since 1852 and has used our extensive experience and knowledge base to continuously develop new chemistries. Whether you are developing a new product, or need help with a reformulation or replacement, contact us to learn more about how we source, refine or develop waxes so you can create the perfect formula.