The Beekeeping Women of Ghana

Ghana is one of the largest producers of honey in Africa, and the beekeeping industry is a significant source of income for many rural communities. To support women beekeepers in Ghana, Koster Keunen West Africa provides training, resources, and support to women beekeepers.

We Are All One Hive, Creating A More Sustainable World

Together with our partners in The Netherlands and West Africa, we created our sustainable program “We Are All One Hive”. It is a serious commitment to a healthy ecosystem and a fair and safe supply chain focusing on three pillars as guidance.

Empowering Communities

Our specific initiative involved a targeted group of 10 widows and 15 orphans. The widows were given 100 hives, and the orphans received 60. Alongside the provision of hives, we facilitated the necessary training and supplied protective gear.

We Are All One Hive™ | Our Sustainability Initiative

At Koster Keunen, we know the world is interconnected and that is reflected in our corporate choices at all levels; from raw material traceability, to the source for our waxes, and the people we do business with. We believe firmly in leaving the world better than we found it that we started the initiative we call We Are All One Hive™.

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