The season of giving and sharing reminds us to consider our impact on our world and to ask, “Can we really make a sustainable difference?” In our recent experience, the answer is an uplifting, “Yes.” In Togo, West Africa, Koster Keunen is a supporter of the Gassana Gafolai beekeeping cooperative, which provides beehives, along with the means and education to manage the hives.

Producing the Means to Thrive

The Gassana Gafolai cooperative was formed specifically to assist widows and orphans, who have little access to economic resources and opportunities. Getting help taking the crucial first step to economic participation and independence can make all the difference. Koster Keunen brings to the table more than a century of knowledge and research into beekeeping worldwide, and we are able to assist the members of the cooperative to realize success with their hives, and to adapt to changes in order to continue to thrive. The ability to provide for self and family is a basic human need. Doing so sustainably is the basis for hope for the future.

We’re Are All One Hive

Using sustainable beeswax supports hundreds of thousands of people and keeps millions of bees healthy. Learn more below.

Supporting the Community: Sweet Success

Hives are not just an apt metaphor for the benefits of working in concert with one’s community. Beekeeping acts as something of a “success multiplier.” Well-kept beehives produce quality wax, honey, and future hive populations. The beekeepers and their communities benefit from the sale of both products and from the benefits of having bees to pollenate crops. In Gassana Gafolai, individuals whose circumstances are already difficult have a chance to move forward by working together, and we are gratified to be part of creating opportunity for them.

Sustainability in Action

When an enterprise meets UN Sustainable Development Goals from beginning to end, you know that the end product is contributing to a world we all want to live in. From empowering women and girls through sustainable production and creating robust markets for their goods, the Gassana Gafolai hives act as a vector for change and healthy economic growth. Few industries can boast that their side effects are specifically beneficial to the surrounding ecology. Hives create measurable increases in food production where bees are kept, which offers potential economic and health benefits for the beekeepers’ communities and benefits for local biodiversity.

We are pleased to step into another year sharing the journey with you and all of our customers. Koster Keunen would like to extend our thanks to you for partnering with us to source sustainably.

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koster keunenThe Koster Keunen Worldwide Sustainability Initiative

Koster Keunen believes that creating more sustainable lives is how we should all be measured. When you choose Koster Keunen, you help expand our worldwide sustainability initiative – called We Are All One Hive – which creates more sustainable lives by:

  • Sourcing and enhancing more sustainable beeswax.
  • Creating, training and partnering with local beekeepers.
  • Providing resources that elevate beekeeping communities.

About Koster Keunen

Koster Keunen has been working with wax since 1852 and has used our extensive experience and knowledge base to continuously develop new chemistries. Whether you are developing a new product, or need help with a reformulation or replacement, contact us to learn more about how we source, refine or develop waxes so you can create the perfect formula.