• Peg-12 Carnauba: Emulsifier, film former, gloss enhancer


  • Combine Phase A ingredients one at a time with mixing after each addition, heating to 80-85°C.
  • Combine Phase B ingredients, melt at 85-90°C and mix until uniform.
  • Add Phase B to Phase A with high mixing, keep at 80-85°C until even and smooth.
  • Cool to 50 °C and pour/pump into containers.

Stability Information

One month at room temperature, one month at 45°C, three freeze/thaw cycles.

Supplier Information

  1. Koster Keunen, Inc.
  2. Lubrizol
  3. Brenntag
  4. Alzo

Ingredient Trade Name



Phase A
Deionized Water 86.7
Glycerin 3.0
Pemulen TR-22 0.1
Triethanolamine 0.1
Kathon CG3 0.1
Phase B
Permulgin D1 2.0
Peg-12 Carnauba Wax1 2.0
Cocoa Butter1 2.0
Dermol IPP (Isopropyl Palmitate)4 4.0