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Care for Your Wood Furniture with Waxes

Wax is time-honored way to keep wood looking its best. Beeswax has been used for millennia to not only give wood a glowing surface, but also to protect it from wear and water. Time and innovation have been good to wood.

Point Break or Beach Break, Surf Wax Keeps You on the Deck

When deciding on the waxes for your project, Koster Keunen offers a portfolio of waxes to achieve what you need, from reducing your ecological footprint with natural options to cost effective traditional waxes for a simple and stable surf wax.

Ski Wax: Creating a Stick for Glide

Ski wax can be the difference between a great day on the slopes and a struggle with conditions that reduce the performance of even the best equipment. Ease of use and variety of formula allow skiers to apply the right mix to quickly get on the slopes and down them.

Organic Beeswax Options

Koster Keunen can supply all of your organic beeswax needs. We manufacture all of our waxes in our facility in Watertown, CT U.S.A. Our organic certifier is Baystate Organic and our certificate is available upon written request. Click here to see our organic beeswax options.

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