Wax is time-honored way to keep wood looking its best. Beeswax has been used for millennia to not only give wood a glowing surface, but also to protect it from wear and water. Time and innovation have been good to wood. As finishes have developed, varnishes and paints have come along to preserve wood and provide finishes of every kind to every taste.

What has remained constant is that waxes still compose some of the best products to protect wood’s finish. So, whether you are looking to protect the warm, functional look of a coffee table’s surface or a sleek finish on cabinetry, look to furniture waxes to guard the wood’s beauty over time.

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Care for Wood’s Finish that Cares for the Planet

Wood is valued for its durability as much as its beauty. Interiors that feature wood surfaces are seen as warm and friendly. When the wood is well cared-for, the visual impact is multiplied. Natural beeswax, when complemented by carnauba wax, and a natural oil, makes a lovely furniture polish that can be made to order in a texture that ranges from a paste to a liquid formulation. You can elevate the product and support bees and the planet by choosing sustainable beeswax and organic carnauba wax from Koster Keunen.  Koster Keunen offers sample formulas to show the versatility and effectiveness of furniture wax that features its best qualities: sustaining wood finishes and the health of the planet.

Formula#: 7/21-421/420-2

Natural Furniture Polish Balm is a paste wax that is made to achieve a long lasting, high gloss sheen. The thin, hard layer fends off dust, stains, and abrasions, which makes it good for lacquered finishes. As it acts as a sealant, the Natural Furniture Polish Balm formula could be used on unfinished wood and is the preferred restorative wax for antique furniture.

Ingredient Trade Name %
Phase A  
NF White Beeswax 6.0
#1 Yellow Carnauba Wax 3.0
Olive Oil 90.0
Vitamin E Acetate 1.0

Formula #: 7/21-421/420/10030-3

All-Natural Liquid Furniture Polish offers the option of cleaning and polishing wood to restore its luster with less effort than paste wax requires. This eco-friendly formulation utilizes upcycled orange wax and beeswax to restore the healthy look of natural wood surfaces and to refresh the appearance of finished woods. Used regularly, wood finishes maintain the look of well-fed and healthy wood grain and protect it from day-to-day wear.

Ingredient Trade Name %
Phase A  
NF White Beeswax 6.0
#1 Yellow Carnauba Wax 4.0
Orange Wax 3.0
Carnation White Mineral Oil 87.0

When You Need More than Shine

There are times when life is rough on even our best furnishings! To restore the look of a smooth finish, wood crayons are the choice of householders and professionals alike. Rubbed into scratches, small holes, or gouges, the firm wax of the crayon fills the damaged place that can be rubbed even with the surface. By buffing away any excess before waxing the surface of the furniture, the repair blends in for a pleasantly even look.

Formula #: 7/21-258/484-4

The Natural Wood Crayon formula features Kester Wax K-60P, a plant-derived plasticizer that provides structure and improves the texture of waxes in stick form. This problem-solving crayon demonstrates the strength of sustainable natural waxes in the rough-and-tumble world of maintaining furniture surfaces.

Ingredient Trade Name %
Phase A  
Sunflower Wax 65.0
Kester Wax K-60P 25.0
Castor Oil 10.0

Wood appreciates wax, and we appreciate the look that a well-waxed finish creates. If you are formulating furniture polishes – or reformulating your systems toward natural or ecological ingredients – Koster Keunen wants to hear from you. Our chemists work every day to promote the presence and utility of sustainable products in the marketplace. Let us know what we can do to help you meet your brand’s green goals.

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