Enhans SB-63 – Sun & Skin Care

Enhans SB-63 is designed for use in all personal care systems with high levels of compatibility. Results are seen with usage levels as low as 1%. Formulators can develop multiple finished products by varying the percentage of SB-63, making this a key ingredient for innovation.

Enhans SB-63 Color Cosmetics

Koster Keunen revolutionizes color cosmetics with this innovative product that combines nature and science. Enhans SB-63 is our beeswax, reacted with a high molecular weight copolyol dimethicone to create this versatile compound.

Natural Inspirations – Lux Foundation

A weightless, satin finish foundation in the convenience of a stick. All ingredients follow natural and vegan standards. This formula provides velvety smooth coverage, one swipe application and comfortable wear for all skin types.

Stimulating the Senses – Crème Blush

This stylish and playful textured cream blush has a delicate cushion and extended play time. Easily blendable, this anhydrous formula hydrates and leaves the skin with a dewy finish.

Natural Inspirations – Balm

Koster Keunen's Sustainable Beeswax focuses on our pillars of Social, Economic, and Environmental preservation. In partnership, we train and improve the global practices of beekeepers.

Creating Textures- Magic Balm

This natural formula nourishes skin offering immediate hydration. Sunflower wax provides structure and stability while Kester Wax K-60P gives pliability. Kester Wax K-385 provides the melting texture, glide and spreadability that nurtures your dry skin while absorbing quickly.

Creating Textures- Illuminator

This film forming illuminator and primer is designed to even out and prepare skin for the next step in your beauty routine. Enhans SB-63 provides the perfect pick-up and deposition, while Kester Wax K-82P stabilizes the formula and delivers an even film on the skin.

Formulating with Textures

The personal care industry has always been resilient, even during economic downturns. As consumers evolve and adapt, so do their demands, and the days when beauty products only needed to deliver a result are gone.

To Bee or Not to BEE: Formulating with Beeswax and Alternatives

Beeswax is the oldest wax known to man. It is also, along with essential oils and mineral pigments, one of the oldest cosmetic ingredients in the world. The first documented uses date as far back as 3000 BC, when ancient Chinese people used it in early nail enamels and in Egypt, where it was used to stiffen and preserve wigs.

Beeswax Line Card

Koster Keunen offers an extensive range of beeswax options including standard yellow and white, N.F. grade, USDA organic, and sustainably sourced. All beeswax grades are manufactured under cGMP, and are Kosher, Halal, GRAS, and non-GMO.

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